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A teleconference is conducted over the phone and is similar to a round table format. Reporters call in at a pre-determined time to speak with the talent and questions are asked at random by whomever speaks up first.

Interview: Director Richard Ayoade, “Submarine”

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Richard Ayoade on the set of “Submarine.” Photo: Dean Rogers/ The Weinstein Company By Sandra Kraisirideja Richard Ayoade is known to fans of the British sitcom “The IT Crowd” as the loveable geek Moss, but he’s getting attention now as the writer-director of “Submarine.” Executive producer Ben Stiller is lending his name to help get the attention of Americans who Continue Reading...
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Masi Oka guest stars on “Hawaii 5-0”

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Date: Oct. 5, 2010 Location: Phone conference Player(s): Masi Oka Backstory: There was some skepticism amongst entertainment journalists regarding CBS’ update to “Hawaii 5-0” but the show has proved to be a hit in its time slot. Former “Heroes” cast member Masi Oka is sure to draw an even bigger audience when he guest stars on “Hawaii 5-0” on Oct. Continue Reading...
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