Review: “Boss Baby” with Alec Baldwin

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By Sandra Kraisirideja
“Boss Baby” from DreamWorks Animation features the voice talent of Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, and Steve Buscemi.

With an interesting mix of animation styles, “Boss Baby” is a movie for all the siblings out there. If you have brothers and sisters this movie will make you want to call them afterward.

The movie opens with an introduction to Tim—who is played by Miles Bakshi, the grandson of legendary animation director Ralph Bakshi—and his Mom and Dad, played by Kudrow and Kimmel.

If there is one flaw to the movie it’s the lack of material given to Kudrow and Kimmel. Both are proven comedians but they don’t get to do much in this movie.

An unexpected casting choice is Tobey Maguire as adult Tim, the film’s narrator. Recalling his near-perfect childhood, Tim also remembers the terrible day when there was a knock at the door and his baby brother arrived—dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase no less. For some reason, Tim is the only one who thinks this is odd.

“Boss Baby” tackles the question, “Where do babies come from” with a lighthearted, whimsical touch similar to “Storks” from Warner Bros.

The solid script, written by Michael McCullers and Marla Frazee, includes humor for parents and kids. Of course Baldwin has some great lines. After watching the trailer they walked around the house saying, “Cookies are for closers.”

When it comes to quality, DreamWorks Animation has an uneven track record. I thought “Shrek” was hilarious and “Megamind” continues to improve over time, but movies like “Rise of the Guardians” and “The Croods” held little interest for me.

While the premise for “Boss Baby” sounded promising, and Alec Baldwin was the perfect casting choice, I had reservations. The question was, would Baldwin as a baby be interesting for 90 minutes? Thankfully the answer is yes.

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