Films opening May 2

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“Walk of Shame”

Elizabeth Banks is a terrific comedic actress who gets her chance to prove she can open a movie with a starring role in “Walk of Shame.” She plays a reporter who must make her way through downtown LA without her phone, ID or money after a one-night stand with a handsome stranger, played by James Marsden, and just eight hours before an all-important job interview. It’s a bit like “Adventures in Babysitting” mixed with “Superbad,” which were both great comedies in my book.

“Decoding Annie Parker”

Even without my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2013 I would still be interested in “Decoding Annie Parker,” the story of what led to the ground-breaking discovery of a genetic connection to the disease. Starring Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton, “Decoding Annie Parker” is based on true events and features an excellent supporting cast including Aaron Paul, Bradley Whitford, Rashida Jones, and Richard Schiff. View the trailer here.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

I’m going to confess that I still have not seen “The Amazing Spider-Man.” When it was released in 2012 I felt it was a bit too soon to revamp a franchise that had just been re-born ten years earlier. I am feeling compelled to see the re-boot now that a sequel is coming out. Still, my heart is not in it as much as it was when Tobey Maguire donned the Spider-Man mask. I know my mind will make comparisons throughout the movie. Watching the most recent trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” the biggest impression it left on me was that the sequel will be very effects-heavy. The film makes the cut this week for its role in ushering in the summer season. Also coming up in May? “Godzilla,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Maleficent.”

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