Big catches and bigger rivalries return in “Wicked Tuna”

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By Sandra Kraisirideja

“Wicked Tuna” returns for its second season on Feb. 16 with the introduction of a new cast member, T.J. Ott, captain of the Hot Tuna.

It’s revealed in the season opener that Captain Tyler McLaughlin, the young fisherman who pulled an upset victory in season one, worked with Ott when he was younger and may have learned all he knows from the seasoned fisherman.

Ott makes it clear early on that he intends to put McLaughlin in his place and give the other captains a run for their money.

The show continues the grand tradition of captains bad mouthing and harassing each other every chance they get. Now and then a big tuna is caught and there is some excitement during the weigh to find out how much money was made.

The appeal of the show is the fishing and the colorful cast of characters who are the captains. It’s also great if you are from Massachusetts and miss hearing that distinctive accent.

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