WonderCon panel: “Resident Evil: Retribution”

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Milla Jovovich shootin' zombies and takin' names in "Resident Evil: Retribution." Courtesy photo.

By Brian Hall

We’re now five films deep into the “Resident Evil” series and according to star Milla Jovovich and her husband, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson, there may still be more to come.

But for now, we were shown a 3D clip from film number five, “Resident Evil: Retribution.” In it, a leather suited Alice (Jovovich) effortlessly battles a throng of zombie attackers in a room that resembles a sterile white version of Troy and Abed’s Dreamatorium room.

If you’re hankering for a slick-looking, zombie-slaying action flick, then “Retribution” will most likely be up your alley. Even while watching the footage from a hanging screen pretty far away from me, the 3D footage was impressive to look at. And if you’ve ever wondered just how much brain would get on you if you stood directly behind a zombie getting shot in the head, well “Resident Evil: Retribution” is happy to answer that question for you.

Jovovich said the biggest difference when making an action film in 3D is that after years of learning to fake a punch with stuntmen, with depth now more apparent on screen, the kicks and blows have to come closer. “Now they’re like, ‘hit them, Mila! Just hit them!'”

Anderson said that in this installment he wanted to take the action global and that while the games and films have a symbiotic relationship, they don’t necessarily depend on each other, just occasionally borrow and lend ideas from one another. He also spoke about how after shooting two films in 3D he still wasn’t getting all he wanted out of the medium, so his crew built him new, specialized rigs so that he could take the visuals even further in his third ternary dimensional outing.

Jovovich said she was proud of playing a strong female action hero in what’s become a burgeoning franchise and that it was her ’80s-influenced diet of “She-Ra” and “Thundercats” that no doubt helped her prepare for it.

“Resident Evil: Retribution” opens Sept. 14.

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