WonderCon panel: “Lockout”

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Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce take cover in "Lockout." Courtesy photo.

By Brian Hall

Actress Maggie Grace, of “Lost” and “Taken” fame, was on hand to introduce a few clips and answer questions about “Lockout.” The film comes from Luc Besson’s camp (who not coincidentally serves as a co-writer) and looks to be an unapologetic, knockdown-dragout popcorn action flick.

The film stars Grace as the president’s daughter who is doing some goodwill work on a floating space prison – as a president’s daughter does. But when all hell breaks loose and Grace is taken hostage, only one disgraced man looking for redemption can save her. A grizzled renegade named Snow (Guy Pierce at his most grizzled.)

The movie is clearly aiming to be a balls-to-the-wall action flick that doesn’t take itself too seriously – as two men are wrestling over a deadly, furiously spinning combine rotor so powerful it’s causing them to float as they tumble above it, a man says to our hero via his earpiece, “No time for hanging around.”

Whether she meant to or not, Grace let slip an interesting tidbit about the upcoming sequel to “Taken.” Asked if she was tired of playing a hostage in two of Besson’s films already, she says she gets a chance to have the tables turned in “Taken 2” when it’s her parents, played by Liam Neeson and Famke Janssen, who are “taken.”

“Lockout” opens April 13.

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