MI:4 featurette shows Tom Cruise scaling the world’s tallest building

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By Brian Hall

Tom Cruise is already known for performing the majority of his own stunts – many of which are far more dangerous than most other action stars would be willing to perform. After racing motorcycles through Spain (Knight and Day) and dangling from towering rock formations (MI:2), to name a few, you may ask, what’s left for him to conquer? How about running alongside the world’s tallest building, about half a mile up in the air, dangling by just a rope over the city of Dubai? In this featurette, check out not only Mr. Cruise proving he is a man without fear, but also how director Brad Bird and his crew set out to capture it.

No doubt this moment would have still been exciting even it had been filmed partially in front of a green screen because a good director knows how to “put us there,” making the audience forget the filmmaking and sweeping us up in the story. That said, after watching this clip and knowing that Cruise himself was actually putting life and limb on the line, I can only imagine there will be an inescapable sense of peril and excitement added to the scene as it rolls.

And as if that wasn’t enough, over 30 minutes of footage, the Dubai tower walk included, were filmed using IMAX cameras and will be projected onto full sized IMAX screens where available. Paramount will be releasing MI:4 exclusively into IMAX theaters Dec. 16, then expanding everywhere else on Dec. 21.

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