Netflix changes its plans and pricing

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By Sandra Kraisirideja

Netflix is officially splitting apart its streaming and DVD services on Sept. 1.

The new pricing plan for somebody who has unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs with Blu-ray access will be broken down as folllows: $7.99 for streaming and $9.99 for DVDs. This is an increase of roughly $6 from the current price for these services.

Current subscribers who get both streaming and DVDs will not have to make any changes if they still want both services. Netflix said it will start charging the new price on or after Sept. 1.

I “cut the cord” with my cable provider in 2008 and I rely heavily on Netflix streaming for entertainment so I know I’m definitely keeping that service. While it’s tempting to drop the DVD portion of my service I will probably keep it and here’s why: I find it less painful to pay a monthly fee to rent movies then to pay for a rental one at a time.

The last Blu-ray I got from Netflix was “Burlesque,” which was not reviewed favorably but I’m a fan of musicals and I was curious enough to put it in my queue. I know I would not have rented “Burlesque” on iTunes or at Blockbuster if I had to pay full price, probably around $5. That’s a bit too high of a price tag for a movie that may not be good.

I know I could also go for Red Box or Blockbuster Express kiosks and only pay a $1, but those outlets have limited selection when a movie is not a new release and I can’t always get to a new release.

Given the fact that I have to watch a lot of bad movies I’m going to stick with both Netflix plans despite the increase in cost. This way I can keep fooling myself that I’m getting my money’s worth.

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  1. Derek Meyer says:

    I recently renewed my Netflix subscription, and I was a bit taken off by that the price change. However, the commercial free TV shows on there keep me as a loyal customer. I will also keep the DVD aspect, because there are many ‘must watch’ movies I have yet to see.

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