Interview: Director Richard Ayoade, “Submarine”

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Richard Ayoade on the set of “Submarine.” Photo: Dean Rogers/ The Weinstein Company

By Sandra Kraisirideja

Richard Ayoade is known to fans of the British sitcom “The IT Crowd” as the loveable geek Moss, but he’s getting attention now as the writer-director of “Submarine.”

Executive producer Ben Stiller is lending his name to help get the attention of Americans who may be looking for something different this summer. From the looks of the trailer, “Submarine” is a British coming-of-age story with shades of “Rushmore.”

Here’s the synopsis:

Meet Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), a precocious 15-year-old whose worldview is exceedingly clever but largely delusional. He has two big ambitions: to save his parents’ marriage and to lose his virginity before his next birthday.

Worried that his mom (Jill Tate, played by Sally Hawkins) is having an affair with a has-been TV star turned New Age life coach, Graham T. Purvis (Paddy Considine), Oliver tries to intervene to save his parent’s marriage. He monitors their sex life by charting the dimmer switch in their bedroom, and also forges suggestive love letters from his dad (Lloyd Tate, played by Noah Taylor) to his mom.

But foremost in Oliver’s mind is finding a girlfriend.  Enter Jordana Bevan (Yasmin Paige), a feisty pyromaniac who suffers from eczema.  Jordana becomes Oliver’s willing accomplice in his mission to lose his virginity, but on condition that she supervises his journal writing – especially the bits about her.

Ayoade participated in a nationwide teleconference with and outlets from Austin, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Phoenix and San Diego. Click here to listen to the full teleconference.

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