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By Sandra Kraisirideja

My dream job in high school was to be Editor-in-Chief of “Premiere” magazine, a publication that folded its U.S. print edition in 2007 and moved to an online-only format. From the start of my development as a journalist I wrote mainly about movies and entertainment. Despite my desire to work for “Premiere” I did little to pursue a job there and that is something I will always regret.

Now I’m Editor-in-Chief of my own blog and that has its benefits for sure but I sometimes wonder if I really love writing about movies or if I just love watching them?

“Do what you love” is a suggestion constantly given by those who are fortunate to have the job they always wanted, but what happens when you are kind of doing what you love but just not the way you imagined? Is it any less of an accomplishment?

When I dreamed of being Editor-in-Chief of “Premiere” magazine it was merely for the luxury of being able to watch movies all day – as my job. I didn’t have any ambitions beyond that so is having an blog dedicated to movies and television any different? I think readership is where the difference lies, although with “Premiere” being out of print this means Audiohollywood.net has a larger audience even if it’s just my 263 friends on Facebook.

To really understand if you’re doing something you love it’s best to strip away all of the perks and monetary considerations and boil it down to the basics. The perks of being an entertainment writer are many—never having to pay for a movie, comped travel and accommodations at five star hotels, sitting next to Hollywood’s hottest stars, or interviewing industry legends—but if all of that went away I would still love watching movies and writing.

Thankfully Audiohollywood.net has much lower overhead than “Premiere” so it will live on as long as the Internet survives. Is there anyone who thinks the Internet will ever cease?

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