Masi Oka guest stars on “Hawaii 5-0”

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Date: Oct. 5, 2010

Location: Phone conference

Player(s): Masi Oka

Backstory: There was some skepticism amongst entertainment journalists regarding CBS’ update tomasi_oka “Hawaii 5-0” but the show has proved to be a hit in its time slot. Former “Heroes” cast member Masi Oka is sure to draw an even bigger audience when he guest stars on “Hawaii 5-0” on Oct. 18. He will play the role of Dr. Max Bergman, the Honolulu County Medical Examiner who performs autopsies and provides forensic analysis to the Five-0 team. The recurring character is a childhood piano prodigy and long-standing MENSA member who received his doctor’s license before he was old enough to drive — but his social skills need work. CBS invited press from across the country to participate in a phone conference with Oka to promote his appearance.”Hawaii 5-0” airs on CBS at 10 p.m. PST. Click HERE for the interview.

Source: Sandra Kraisirideja

Photo: Courtesy of CBS

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