ShoWest: Pixar gets Big Ten award and screens “Toy Story 3”

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By Sandra Kraisirideja

ShoWest honored Pixar Animation Studios today with the Big Ten Award for its distinction of releasing 10 blockbusters in a row. The  category was created especially for the company and was presented to John Lasseter by Tim Warner, president and COO of Cinemark.

Lasseter thanked the theater owners for being an integral part of the company’s success and then introduced the world premiere of the 3-D short film that will be shown with “Toy Story 3,” in keeping with the Pixar tradition of including a new short film with its features.

“Day and Night” tells the story of day and night, as represented by two animated bodies who depict the activities most associated with day and night. Day is filled with sunshine, birds chirping and a women sunbathing. Night is represented by the moon and stars, fireworks, and a glittering Las Vegas skyline to name a few. At first the two entities are suspicious of the other and battle constantly—until they see what the other has to offer and soon become friends.

Following the “Day and Night” screening, Lasseter brought out the filmmaking team behind “Toy Story 3,” director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson for a few remarks.

To listen to the award presentation with Lasseter and the brief introduction of “Toy Story 3” by Unkrich and Anderson, click here. Editor’s note: There is a brief spot of dead air between the screening of “Day and Night” and the introduction of “Toy Story 3”

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