Interview: Casey Anderson

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Casey AndersonDate: March 26, 2010

Location: Telephone one-on-one. Click HERE to listen.

Player(s): Casey Anderson, naturalist and host of “Expedition Wild” on Nat Geo WILD

Backstory: National Geographic launches a new network today called Nat Geo WILD with the debut of “Expedition Wild” with Casey Anderson. The premiere episode takes a multipart look at North America’s mightiest carnivores. Anderson is a self-described naturalist whose best friend is an 800-pound grizzly bear raised in captivity since birth named Brutus. Anderson travels to Alaska’s Kodiak Island, where he gets knee-deep in grizzly life in order to teach Brutus the ways of his wild relatives. This population of more than 3,500 bears offers Anderson a chance to witness how they catch wild salmon and feed their young. He then returns to Montana to see if he can teach Brutus to fish for himself, in an aquarium designed for that purpose. The show is an entertaining mix of do-it-yourself ingenuity, wildlife education, and reality programming. Anderson falls into the role of nature guide easily and his energy is sure to connect well with kids and adults alike. The relationship between Anderson and Brutus is at the heart of the show and its fun to watch them interact on camera. Future episodes of “Expedition Wild” will focus on the wild wolves of Yellowstone; a journey with Casey trekking through Yellowstone during two key seasons — winter and spring — documenting every living thing he encounters; and a one-hour special with the complete history of his relationship with Brutus.

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Photo: Nat Geo WILD

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