“The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Five”

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spectacular_spider_manThe web-slinging Marvel Super Hero returns to DVD July 28 with the release of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s “The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season.”  This collection contains all 13 episodes from the first season of the hit television show that was executive produced by Stan Lee, Craig Kyle, Eric S. Rollman and produced by Greg Weisman, Victor Cook and Diane A. Crea. The animated network series is relaunching in 2009 on Disney’s XD network, after its successful run on CW network drawing more than 1.8 millions viewers weekly.  This two-disc DVD set contains nearly five hours of exciting content, includes two all-new “spectacular” behind-the-scenes featurettes and a “Play All Episodes” function for a seamless Spidey viewing experience. The DVD set will be available for $28.96.

Helping to make these hip and exciting adventures come to life are the voices of Josh Keaton (TV’s “Ben 10”); Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls); Josh LeBar (TV’s “Entourage”); Vanessa Marshall (TV’s “Underfist: Halloween Bash”); Deborah Strang (Eagle Eye); Alanna Ubach (Still Waiting); James Arnold Taylor (TV’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”); Daran Norris (Bolt); and Grey Delisle (TV’s “The Replacements).

The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season

Witness the Spider-Man mythology from the beginning.  Peter Parker is not your typical high school junior.  This 16-year-old returns to school after an exciting summer of nabbing common criminals with his new found powers as “Spider-Man”.  Now Peter Parker must conceal his real identity and deal with the multi-leveled pressures of teenage life, while, at the same time, battling bigger, badder super villians in the real world!

Broadcast Year: 2008 (CW – KidsWB!), 2009 (Disney XD)

Episodes Included in this Volume:

  • Episode 101: “Survival of the Fittest”
  • Episode 102: “Interactions”
  • Episode 103: “Natural Selections”
  • Episode 104: “Market Forces”
  • Episode 105: “Competition”
  • Episode 106: “The Invisible Hand”
  • Episode 107: “Catalysts”
  • Episode 108: “Reaction”
  • Episode 109: “The Uncertainty Principle”
  • Episode 110: “Persona”
  • Episode 111: “Group Therapy”
  • Episode 112: “Intervention”
  • Episode 113: “Nature vs. Nurture”

DVD Special Features Include:

  • All-New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Stylizing Spidey –A look at the creative decisions made in creating the show, stylizing the look and storylines.
  • All-New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Spider-Man Re-Animated – A behind the scenes look at making the animated series, featuring interviews with the cast and crew.
  • “Play All Episodes” Option

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  1. My kids love these, its great to see them enjoying spiderman when i was a big fan too as a kid

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