“Play the Game” looks at love beyond 70

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play_the_gameBy Sandra Kraisirideja

There are plenty romantic comedies involving actors under the age of 30, but not many with a cast that’s over 70. “Play the Game,” starring Andy Griffith, Doris Roberts and Liz Sheridan takes a fresh look at the challenges and consequences of falling in love at any age. Paul Campbell and Marla Sokoloff also star as two twenty-somethings who are trying to stay one step ahead of the other in the game of love.

“Play the Game” is the feature debut of writer-director Marc Fienberg, a former businessman who decided to give filmmaking a try. Lest you think he just decided to make a movie one day, “Play the Game” was 11 years in the making and Fienberg definitely did his homework to get the movie to where it is now. Audiohollywood spoke with Fienberg about his long journey to make “Play the Game” and what he’s up to next. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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