Bradley Cooper: ‘We’re Excited About Doing ‘The Hangover 2’

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hangover02Source: Fred Topel for Starpulse

When The Hangover opened to number one with some $40 million, a sequel was already a no brainer. They were talking it up before the release even. Now that it’s one of the biggest comedies of all timeHangover 2 is on the fast track, says its star Bradley Cooper.

“I think so, yeah,” Cooper said. “It looks like it.”
You’d think the guys would learn their lesson, but they probably didn’t. “I think Warner Bros. would like to find out.”

The plan remains the same as it was before the first film had all its success. It’s just gotten easier to sell the studio on the idea. “We’re actually really excited about doing the second one. We were talking about it while we were filming the first one because we were having so much fun. And then, Warner Bros. actually wanted to do it before it even came out. It will be cool.”

This week, Cooper costars with Sandra Bullock in All About Steve. Even she wants to be in Hangover 2. Cooper’s costar in both films, Ken Jeong, suggested Bullock play Mrs. Chow. Jeong plays Mr. Chow, who jumps naked out of the trunk.

“That would be phenomenal,” Cooper said. “You don’t talk, ever.”

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