“Gotta Dance” is for the young at heart

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gotta_danceBy Sandra Kraisirideja

“Gotta Dance” is an upbeat, inspirational documentary that blows apart stereotypes associated with age.

In 2007 the New Jersey Nets basketball team incorporated a senior hip hop dance crew to its entertainment lineup and documentary filmmaker Dori Berinstein was fortunate enough to be there for the first audition and beyond.

The dancers include 11 women and one man who were all over 60. The oldest dancer at the time was 83-year-old Marge. Her granddaughter was one of the Nets’ dancers and encouraged Marge to audition.

The dancers selected to join the NJ NETSationals all had varying dance skills and the documentary shows the challenges and fears they faced before their first performance. After their debut the dancers became instant celebrities, appearing on national television on more than one occasion. The response to the team was a pleasant surprise and more than a little shocking for the dancers, who weren’t expecting to get their 15 minutes of fame so late in life.

“Gotta Dance” is a celebration of dance and a testament to youth being more a state of mind than a number. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still experience life and be surprised by what it has to offer.

Audiohollywood spoke with five of the original and director Berinstein via conference call to learn more about the making of the movie and what’s changed in their lives since their first performance. Click here to listen.

Photo: NETSational Seniors and “Gotta Dance” filmmaker Dori Berinstein. Credit: “Gotta Dance” and the NJ Nets

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