“Power Rangers Jungle Fever” Series

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Adventure runs wild in this action-packed volume as the Power Rangers team up against an unimaginable family of foes! the evil Dai Shi forces grow stronger while the Five Fingers of Poison wreak more havoc and the Bracelets of the Overlords are discovered and deployed. Beastly threats are all too real as the Power Rangers are joined and trained in the ways of the master by members of the Kung Fu clan. But can they learn new weapons, work closely as a team, and harness their jungle pride in time to defeat the fury of ferocious spirit beasts?






Get ready for a seriously wild ride as the fury of an ancient evil is unleashed, calling for three new teenage heroes to rise up and defend the world. the valiant skills of the Order Of the Claw have kept a 10,000-year-old spirit completely caged –until now. Dai Shi has escaped and three new warriors must find and destroy him. The earth’s only hope against being taken over by an army of villainous animal spirits is a trio of courageous Power Rangers who still have a lot to learn about teamwork. Plunge INTO THE JUNGLE and this ultimate battle of the beasts!

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