Little Einsteins: “The Christmas Wish”

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Celebrate the happiest season of all with the Little Einsteins as they embark on a brand new quadruple length adventure “Little Einsteins: The Christmas Wish,” premiering on Disney DVD Oct. 14.

In this latest set of Yuletide adventures the Little Einsteins are taking off for fun-filled winter-wonderland adventures around the globe! From the Himalayas to Switzerland to Iceland, Leo, Annie June and Quincy are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas – and they need YOUR help! Come along as the gang deliver presents, reunite a baby reindeer with its mother and help with a special ballet performance for a toy prince. It’s the perfect treat for Little Einsteins everywhere this Christmas time, so join in and help ring in the season for all the family.

In never-before-seen episode Show & Tell, it’s time for the Little Einsteins to show off their favorite things. Everyone has something special – instruments for Quincy, ballet shoes for Lily, a microphone for Annie and baton for Leo – until Big Jet swoops in to try to ruin the day! It’s a race against time as the gang rush to reclaim their items and get back to school to share them with everyone.

Starting the holiday season off right, this collection also contains well-loved seasonal episodes, including The Wind-Up Toy Prince, where the Little Einsteins travel to Iceland and a magical ballet performance takes center stage. Featuring iconic music and art by Tchaikovsky and Degas, this classic story comes to life when the gang jump in to help the Prince defeat the Mouse King and his army with music and teamwork.

In “The Christmas Wish,” it’s up to the Little Einsteins to make sure everyone has a happy Christmas, even when presents go missing. Rocket whisks the gang away to the snowy Himalayan mountains where they must work as a team and sacrifice their own Christmas wishes to make Annie’s come true. There’s more holiday journeys and adventures on the way in The Northern Night Light, where the Little Einsteins are on the search for a baby reindeer lost in the snow, and call on the brightest star in the sky to light the way home. Featuring a special keepsake ornament insert to hang on your Christmas tree, The Little Einsteins are ready to bring their own brand of holiday cheer to your home this season! 


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