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“Private Practice”: The Complete First Season Extended Edition

From the Golden Globe®-winning creator of Grey’s Anatomy comes ABC’s new hit drama, Private Practice: The Complete First Season Extended Edition. Seattle fades into grey as renowned surgeon Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) aims to reinvent herself. The promise of a simpler golden state of mind has her working alongside medical school friends at California’s Oceanside Wellness Center. But is this new life prescription her cure?

Join Addison, newly-divorced-but-professionally-bound Naomi and Sam Bennett, the kissable Pete Wilder, and Violet Turner — a psychiatrist with her own issues — as affairs of the heart bring on symptoms of love, lust, and high drama in a journey worth taking.

You have an appointment with an all-star cast including Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, Audra McDonald, and Tim Daly for every Season One episode, with the perfect dose of complicated modern living, which is anything but a Private Practice. The series is produced by ABC Studios.


• Kate Walsh: Practice Makes Perfect (Working title) – Spend some quality time with Kate Walsh and get a taste of her life beyond the confines of the Private Practice set.

• Alternative Ensemble: Behind the Scenes of Private Practice

• Two Extended Episodes

• Deleted Scenes

• Bloopers

• Audio Commentaries

“Dirty Sexy Money”: The Complete First Season

“Dirty Sexy Money” goes where “Dynasty” and “Dallas” only dreamed of! Take a look behind the closed doors of America’s wealthiest family in “Dirty Sexy Money”: The Complete First Season. All ten scandalous episodes of television’s juiciest hour long drama’s premiere season are included in a three-disc box set available starting Sept. 16, 2008.

Outlandishly wealthy, unimaginably powerful and relentlessly scheming, the Darlings have everything money can buy, including the poshest palazzo in Manhattan. It’s up to incorruptible family attorney Nick George (Peter Krause) to help them keep their secrets from destroying them—which makes him a very busy man. From the collapse of daughter Karen’s fourth marriage to the loss of the real estate empire’s flagship property, Nick has an eye on every aspect of their life…at least, he thinks he does.

“Dirty Sexy Money’s” superlative cast includes Peter Krause (“Six Feet Under”), Donald Sutherland (“Path To War,” “Fool’s Gold”), William Baldwin (“Noise,” “The Squid and the Whale”), Natalie Zea (“Without A Trace,” “The Shield,” “CSI”), Glenn Fitzgerald (“Law & Order,” “Six Feet Under”), Samaire Armstrong (“The O.C,” “Entourage”), Seth Gabel (“The Da Vinci Code,” “Nip/Tuck”), Zoe McLellan (“Conversations with God,” “J.A.G”) with Blair Underwood (“Sex and the City,” “In Treatment”) and Jill Clayburgh (“An Unmarried Woman,” “Running With Scissors”). Produced by ABC Studios.

Bonus Features:

• The Road to Excess: Making Dirty Sexy Money – The Darling family – fascinating, capricious and undeniably dangerous. Take a unique peek into the inspiration for the most infamous clan on television, straight from the show’s creators.

• Enter the Penthouse: A V.I.P Set Tour – Tour the Darling mansion and get a taste of their lavish lifestyle. This billionaire’s Manhattan home was actually built from the ground up on a Hollywood soundstage. Its dirty little secret is that there is a penny saving surprise around every corner!

• Haute Couture: Dressing The Darlings – You can’t be too rich, too thin or too well dressed from the looks of the Darlings’ overstuffed closets. But even a (make believe) mogul loves a bargain, and the show’s wardrobe designers share ways to look like a billion bucks!

• The Other Woman: Candis Cayne – What is it that makes Carmelita so irresistible to Patrick Darling that he would risk his family and his career to be with her? Find out in a profile of the torrid love affair between the politician and his sensuous mistress, played by Candis Cayne. Cayne shares an intimate look at her personal road to stardom and inner peace as a transgendered performer.

• Audio Commentary with the show’s creators and stars.

• Tripp Ups – “Dirty Sexy” Bloopers

• Deleted Scenes

Samantha Who?: The Complete First Season

Samantha…Who? That’s what Sam Newly, irresistibly played by Christina Applegate, would like to know!

Upon waking up from an eight-day coma, she can’t remember a thing — not her boyfriend, her parents, her job, not even herself. Although some things are best left forgotten, Sam is determined to dig up the “goods” on herself. With a little help from her ex-boyfriend, ex-doorman, her too (make that two) few friends and slightly odd parents, Samantha gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a bad-girl-gone-good.

Indulge yourself in the ultimate do-over fantasy with the fresh new hit comedy “Samantha Who?” — The Complete First Season, starring Emmy® Award-winning Christina Applegate, and a hilariously quirky cast of supporting characters including Jean Smart, Jennifer Esposito, Kevin Dunn and Barry Watson. The series is produced by ABC Studios. With every Season One episode, cheer for the charmingly imperfect Sam — whoever she is!


• Deleted Scenes

• Bloopers



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