“Hancock” Breaks Cardinal Rules for Comic Book Movies

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By Chad Freet

After watching “Hancock” I walked out thinking that although the plot was full of plot holes, it was still enjoyable. Will Smith was great. However, the more I sit on it, the more disappointed I get when I think about what a missed opportunity this film was. The tone at the beginning of this movie is completely different than the tone at the end of this movie. Why wouldn’t the writers start the movie off when he wakes up in a hospital with amnesia?  Why did Hancock showing up at Charlize’s house come as such a surprise since he was well known in town as being a screw up? When Hancock showed up in town, why didn’t Charlize MOVE? And why the hell did we have to sit through 10-15 “knowing” glances from Charlize? Talk about obvious.

I really enjoyed the first half of this movie but when the whole Charlize husband/wife thing happened the film got very stupid. There was no villain (which seriously is superhero movie rule #1) and the ending with Charlize dying and Hancock flying away – although a VERY interesting and compelling concept – was filmed in such a dumb way and came right after lameness that it never came across as emotional, powerful or intense. It would have been AWESOME to see Will Smith overcome his attitude and battle a baddy worth his time at the end of the movie. 


There were a few scenes that I loved in the movie (most of which involved Jason Bateman and Will Smith being an ass). The music was outstanding and I even thought that – if he were a little better wrangled story-wise (and minus those annoying “knowing” glances) that Peter Berg did a solid job of setting the movie in the real world as opposed to Gotham or Metropolis. 


How did the “bad guys” break out of prison? Were they superheroes too? Where was the freaking scene of them escaping prison? Why would they ever think they could kill Hancock?  Did they know about his weakness or were they just retarded?

Why did Charlize not want Hancock to tell her husband about her and then proceed to fight and destroy property in front of everybody in LA? And what the hell was the whole refrigerator through the house thing about?  (By the way – this was the turning point of the movie for me….much like Shia LaBeouf swinging on the vines in “Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”). Why the secret? Why didn’t she just tell him quietly that she was a superhero like him and that they couldn’t be around each other because they would both lose their powers? 

The whole Jason Bateman as a PR person was an awesome idea that disappeared and replaced by angels/gods whatever. 

And last but not least why couldn’t Charlize and Will Smith just – quietly between them without anyone else knowing – lose their powers and be together if they love each other so much?  Or…did she not really love him because she was now with Jason Bateman (as the ending showed)…and if that’s the case then what difference does it make if Hancock leaves town or not?  Some great love affair…

“Hancock” had such a great premise and such promise that I am shocked that the 10 to 15 people who must have had creative input on this movie couldn’t figure out the holes in the plot and give the audience something worth rooting for. 

Double Damn.

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