“The Dark Knight” Interviews

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By Sandra Kraisirideja

Warner Bros. press junket for “The Dark Knight” was a four-day event held in Beverly Hills. Audiohollywood.net was among the outlets invited to interview the stars, writers, producers and director about the making of the movie and the possibility of a third installment for the revitalized franchise. Each interview lasts about 15 minutes each. The common thread throughout all of them is how complimentary everyone involved with the film is toward Heath Ledger. They’ve got good reason. The actor gives one of the finest performances of his career. His co-stars make a point to share that Ledger did not stay in character between takes and that he was always in good spirits.

Christoper Nolan, director 

Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer, writers

Charles Roven and Emma Thomas, producers

Christian Bale, Bruce Wayne/Batman

Aaron Eckhart, Harvey Dent

Maggie Gylllenhaal, Rachel Dawes

Gary Oldman, James Gordon

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